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In that situation, you are being told that the conversation is being recorded - you can hang up, if you choose. Basically, they just disclosed it to you, right? In some areas, it is illegal to record a conversation without the other party's consent. By staying on the line when you hear such a recording...that's constructive consent.

Not directly in response to your post, but...

As for Wahili's post...I guess my BS detector went off. First of all, he says the guy got fined and put in jail. So this was a criminal case or civil? Did Wahili sue or did the state prosecute? Apparently, there was a criminal suit because there was jail time. So apparently some extremely busy states' attorney decided to use Wahili's collected 'data' in the prosecution? How did the case come about? What collected data of Wahili's was used? Smacks of a tall tale. I'm happy to admit it if I am wrong and eager to be proven wrong in this case. Until then,: "Pfft."

HAHA! Looks like Whahili got busted! It's okay though, I can understand how lying on an online forum makes you feel like a big man!