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    I've spent about two hours looking but cant' find them. I found them by accident when I first got my Treo. I'm looking for the numbers you can type in and then hit star to check various things with the phone. Anyone have these codes/numbers?
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    I'll answer my own question in case anyone else is looking for this info. Here is the info I was looking for:
    If you run into a problem and need to do a full reset (like you would do when you completely disconnect power from a PDA), you can perform the following procedure. Since the Treo's battery can not be physically removed, this is the only way to disconnect power (also good for shipping a Treo 600!) Power is restored upon the next connection to a physical power source (a cradle or cable).

    1. Make sure the Treo is disconnected from all power sources.
    2. While holding down the keys: k, Backspace - push the reset button with the paper clip for 4 seconds.
    3. Release all keys.
    4. Allow device to sit for 60 seconds.
    5. Connect the Treo to a power source and turn it on by pressing the power button.

    Check your actual "total" timer, amount of data transfer, software version and other technical data on your Treo 600 by going to the Phone application, and using the dial-pad to enter ##786 [dial].

    If your Treo 600 soft resets (this happens occasionally) and you would like to see what the error was (maybe to report to Handspring or to search a newsgroup for more information) perform the following:

    Press the Phone button.
    Using the on-screen dialpad or the number keys enter ##377 (##ERR on the dialpad for error) and choose Dial.
    If you are using a Treo 600 for Sprint PCS, you may at some point need to re-provision your Vision service. This can be done by following these instructions:
    From the dial pad enter ##3282 then click the dial button.
    Once you get the provisioning screen. click the menu button on your keypad and select the Update Vision Profile option.
    If you are in a coverage area your phone should then prompt you to re-provision automatically. Follow the prompts and let the process complete. If all went according to plan you should be all set!
    I did the ##786 and found that my phone is new but it is also listed as a refurb and a warranty date of 08-07-04. Not sure if that is when the warranty starts or ends.
    It is a Rev c
    Software Rev: Treo600-1.20-spr
    Refurb status - yes
    refurb provider - HND
    Activation date - none
    mobile protocol Rev. 6
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