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    Could someone volunteer to run this test for me?

    No matter how I set the rule to archive the mail to the card, the Sent Folder items do not go. Here's how you can check. Go into snappermail, and if you have the archiving turned on, go into your sent folder. Pop out your SD card. Do the messages older than XXX (whatever you set) disappear? This must be a bad bug, I send picture emails all the time, and these old ones from months ago reside in my memory still.

    Please someone verify this. It's killing me. I do not want to delete these items, that's what my card is for.
    EDIT: Using Snappermail; Previous versions also did not work.
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    I made the same complaint to Snappermail support. They said the Sent folder not supported for archiving to SD card.
    Bill Petro
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    it doesnt work for me either... i have a workaround for it though.

    i created a folder called 'sent archive' and i set that one to be archived. every month or so, i go into the sent folder and select all, then move into the archive folder...

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    Thanks for the Responses. Bill Petro, that is awful news. It makes no sense at all. They claim you never have to delete your email... they're outright lying. I have found no documentation claiming this lack of sent backup support.

    As for t00mies, I actually thought of that a week ago, and it didn't work. Go into that folder and pop out the SD card, do the archived messages disappear? I think it purposely only backs up emails that are sent TO you, not BY you. Any folder where messages BY me reside, drafts, the many sent archive folders I've created, they never get backed up.

    Anyone else aggravated by this anomaly?

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