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    I've been looking for a few hours, but I just can't find this. I have a Blackberry and am frustrated that I have to plug it in to my PC to synch with Outlook. I don't have Exchange so the server products like Good and BB Enterprise aren't an option.

    So... I go get a Treo 600 from Verizon today to give it a try (15 day return). While I'm still trying to figure out why one would need to redirect email (just have it forwarded to your phone's email address), I would pay dearly to be able to create appointments and have them wirelessly synched with my stand-alone Outlook.

    This can't be rocket science. If "they" can re-direct email, why don't I see the ability to wirelessly redirect / synch calendar events and contacts (or just everything).

    Again, I have a Verizon Treo 600. Any help for a FNG would be appreciated.

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    Sproqit connects with all of outlook.
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    I did download it, but it doesn't offer connection to the calendar. I get desktop (really neat), email and contacts. No calendar.

    Verizon, Windows XP SP1 & Office XP (2002). Any ideas?

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    I think the only product that will do a full 2-way sync of the calendar (a number of products just do a 1-way sync, like Sprint's Business Connect) would be GoodLink.
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    Well, it seems that you need an Exchange server as a base. Sproqit confirmed you need a server for calendar synching. No company I have seen has figured out how to offer 2-way calendar synch with stand-alone Outlook over POP3/SMTP. Hey - it may be Microsoft's way of ensuring people buy Exchange.

    This problem actually helps me out b/c both Blackberry and Treo are both equally vacant on this point. As for email, Treo's solution is nothing when compared to the Blackberry. However, I really like the total package of the Treo. Looking more like the Treo will win this game.

    Thanks folks for the help.
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    EDIT: I just realized that your post asked about updates to a stand-alone Outlook client. Sorry; what I wrote would not apply. I assumed you were talking about an office setup that uses MS Exchange.

    If you are using a Verizon Treo 600 and you have the unlimited PDA data plan, you automatically have access to Verizon's Wireless Sync (WS) software. This is a redirector based application, so you only have to have the application running on your desktop. No server is needed on your end.

    The application will sync your e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks AND to-dos. It really is one of the most impressive apps out there and beats the pants off of anything I've seen yet on the Palm OS.

    There were delay issues when the application was first rolled out but that is largely gone as a problem and now I get updates usually within 30-60 seconds of it hitting my desktop. It pushes all updates, not just e-mail.

    If you haven't tried WS, I would recommend you check it out. It's a fantastic program.
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    IF you set Sproqit up for Exchange instead of POP3 (even if you are not using exchange), it has Calendar synch. Unlike the Verizon solution, there is no 30-60 second delay. Updates are immediate.

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