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    My Treo 600 died inexplicably. One minute it was working... stuck it on the car charger and now it's completely shot. No blinking light, no power on, not even a soft or hard reset brings it back to life. I'm guessing it's a battery issue. I have no idea how to repair it, but am open to suggestions.

    Called Sprint and they said since I bought it from a friend, the warranty is invalid. I can go to a Sprint store and have them replace it, but I'd have to lie and say I bought it somewhere new. Any recommendations? Anyone had success replacing a Treo at a Sprint store when they didn't buy it directly from a retailer?
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    If it is a PalmOne charger you can try calling their supprort number. I would think having your friend do it since he probably registered it would be prudent. Sounds like a warranty issue to me...
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    I had the treo 300 and it got fried on my car charger. I had the insurance and paid a 50 dollar deductable and got a new treo 600 the same day from my local Sprint office.

    How awesome is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Take it to a sprint store, have them run a diagnostic test, when it fails, they will make arrangements to get you a new one. That's what I did for a non related problem today. This will be my 5th treo 600, and it will be brand new, or a pristine refurbished one. Maybe I should go to Ebay right afterwards ;-)
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