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    You're right, I'm trusting the developer based on what's been said about him on this forum and other forums. I would be very surprised if the developer has duped an entire nation of Treo users. He seems to be a talented programmer, and his rep would be ruined if he made a malicous program like this. If you trust the developer, then a hack on the Win-Hand server would still protect individual PC's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldfinger
    It does work even faster thru Bluetooth.
    How did you get it to work through Bluetooth? I can only figure out how to access my PC through Vision.
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    While this is a great app. I think the biggest advantage is to guys who need to access their work pc which is behind a firewall and don't want to run ( can't run) a vpn to access their pc's. I do network admin and if I get a call whle out to dinner or a show, I can connect to work and telnet or whatever I need to do form the work server. Its a godsend to admins (at least the ones with treos)
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    Love the functionality but win-hand runs very slowly - am i doing something wrong?
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    For those using Win-Hand, PalmVNC, MobileTS, etc. to access a work PC/server, for your own sake make sure you are not violating your company's IT use policies. Win-Hand in particular, because it funnels traffic through an 'untrusted' 3rd party server, probably would not pass an IT security audit.

    Be warned. In some companies that would be considered a network breach and can be grounds for dismissal.

    Seems like a decent idea for home users, though.
    - Fushigi
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    What about making a pros and cons list about Winhand/ Mobile TS/ PalmVNC?
    that would be a good starting point for comparing the three and seeing which would best fit someone's needs.
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    Hi all,

    is this still freeware?
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    Winhand, PalmVNC are free. Mobile TS is not.

    Winhand uses a central server on the Internet (run by winhand's developer) to act as a proxy between your treo and the machine you want to control. This means that even if the machine is behind a firewall or NAT, you should still be able to access it as long as both devices (the treo and the PC in question) can both access the winhand server. Because of the way it uses a keys for encryption, it has a sense of security to it, however, the easiest way to get those keys to your Treo is via a hotsync.

    Palm VNC uses the VNC protocol and requires that a VNC server be running on the machine you wish to access. MobileTS is a Terminal Services client, most windows servers, and XP have a Terminal server running on them. These server based tools listen to ports locally so they require that the Treo have some sort of access directly to the machine in the sense that if you can ping the machine, you can use it. The Treo usually exists as a device behind NAT and most servers are behind a firewall. The only way to get the direct access is through the use of tunnelling via VPN or possibly using SSH tunnelling. For the latter, I don't know if it's possible with the Treo currently.

    Pros: Winhand works on it's own and requires no networking knowledge to make it work.
    Cons: As stated before in prior posts, all of your traffic is routed through Winhand's servers. Make up your own mind as far as how secure your data is.

    For Palm VNC and Mobile TS:
    Pros: If you're a network admin, you're probably running VNC or Terminal Services on the machines you wish to access. These peices of software just bring the client functionality to your Treo.
    Cons: If you're not a network admin, you would have to make sure that you have the correct software or configuration on your windows machine to make this software work. At minimum, you're connected via broadband and know your IP address/use a dynamic dns. The problem with this approach is then your machine is openly exposed to the Internet, or you know how to poke a few holes in your firewall to allow this traffic in.

    In my personal opinion, neither is better than one or the other. Both have their strengths and their faults. The question is, what are you willing to trade?

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    Thanks for clarifying

    I think PalmVNC will suit me fine

    Now I have to sign up for a data plan tomorrow....ah well...gotta pay to play
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    Just installed Win Hand and it works great. One question, though. What does the setting for locks in ten minutes do? Has anybody got any old documentation they would like to post from when it was paid software?
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    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned reading .pdf files remotely as one of the main uses for Win-Hand. I'm a physician, and my group sends daily .pdf schedules out. Now I can remotely open the files and read them. Amazing app!
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    Here's my favorite use of Win-Hand. I need to keep my desktop at work logged on to get my Sprint Business Connection email. When it crashes or shuts down (sometimes our IT people do weird stuff over the weekends) i'm SOL. But since Win-Hand can't log into it without being logged on either, I use it to access my home PC (assuming I'm out of town) and start to restart my desktop at work.
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    Is anyone using these 3 programs (Win-hand, Palm VNX, MobileTS) getting charged extra on their bill for using a protocol other than http ? I think a majority of us have the cheaper MediaNet or mMode data plans which only allow us to use http,pop,imap?

    I have a small network that I remote desktop into each PC, however I believe I would be charged extra for doing this through the Treo with remote terminal services?

    I'm kinda turned off by the fact Win-Hand routes through there own proxy. I'd rather be in control of my network!

    Dr V
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    It is the screen saver on the desktop. It also implements a password if one is assigned at the assigned time, which defaults to 10 minutes.


    Quote Originally Posted by DanM
    Just installed Win Hand and it works great. One question, though. What does the setting for locks in ten minutes do? Has anybody got any old documentation they would like to post from when it was paid software?
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    Do you have to enter in that randomly assigned password everytime you want to start the proram on the Treo?

    Thats kind of least let me choose the password...
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    Yes you do. And for what the program does for you this is not a hassle at all. Not to mention anyone getting a hold of your phone would have complete access your PC's if there was no password required to log on. Not good!!!!!!
    Mike G

    Touch (Sprint)
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    And that would be disastrous. It is installed on the desktop and my laptop and the desktop never being off, hitting it (and my laptop if it is on) means gaining access to whatever other computers are on the home network. Everything of importance is encrypted, but still, not a good thing. I do which the password were user defined though.

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    I currently RDP into my desktop which requires windows screen saver to have a password, So does this mean that winhand will not connect to that machine? And if I can great! and how?
    I still need access from other PC's like from home ( still much faster for typing )
    but when out of town I would love to be able to leave my laptop.
    Can I go winhand or is MobileTS my only solution?
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    When I installed Win-hand about 2 versions ago, it was very fast. I was quite impressed by the speed. However, having upgraded to the latest version, I have experienced extremely slow screen updates. Has anyone experienced this issue with the newer versions? Maybe the word spread about this freeware product and the proxy server is busier?
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    I installed winhand on a 600 before I actually get my 650 (very Cool!)
    I have a terminal emulation program on my desktop that I wanted to use. None of the keyboard strokes would register press "a" nothing and so on. All other programs on my PC responded all be it slow, flawlessly. Is there a way on the 600 or the 650 to bring up a keyboard and not use the key pad? When I opened up the extended keyboard from winhand all of those keys worked fine. Any help or sugestions would be greatly appreciated
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