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    I never register for updates using my e-mail address, but I did for the 650 announcements. I'm not saying this is where it happened, but ever since I did, someone has hijacked my address to sent out spam.

    I have received hundreds of undeliverable messages to unknown recipients, coming from my e-mail address with the Subject: the usual spam stuff.

    Anybody else had this happen? Or know of a general solution to keep this from happening in the future? The undeliverables usually stop after about a week or so.
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    Install virus protection software
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    Quote Originally Posted by realsyde
    Install virus protection software
    I do not believe this is a virus. You posted your email address in an unprotected site and hence you are now being used to transmit spam. Try Spy Sweeper by Webroot software. This is a very good program that will clean your system of spyware and also alert you of any suspicious activity going on in the background. You can find it at

    In the meantime set up a filter to reroute all that email to your trash folder.

    Good luck!

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