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    Did anyone else notice that in the radiation testing report, the test report says that:


    The PalmIne, Inc. model TREO 650 (CDMA) is a wireless phone, which is designed to place wireless calls. Normally, the EUT (Equipement Under Test) would be placed on a tabletop during operation. The EUT was, therefore treated as tabletop equipment during testing to simulate the end-user enviroment

    wow, maybe this thing is a lot heavier that we have been led to think!!!!

    Or maybe now it vibrates TOO much!!!!
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    don't be a nitpicker
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    go to the TC main page and follow the links to the just filed FCC reports on the 650. One of the reports deals with the level of electromagnetic radiation that the device leaks. Has to meet certain federal standards.

    Perhaps they get away with this for all cell phones, ive never checked before, but, in this case, they are treating the 650 like they would a laptop, something that sits on a desk when being used.
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    just wait until those 45lb tumors start growing out of your earlobes and the right side of your head glows in the dark and THEN call me a nitpicker!!!!
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