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    this guy is selling his coupon from one of the roadshows. Currently going for $200 add that to the $349 you have to pay for the device and you are now paying $549!
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    Or this one for $300 which = $649! (this one may have been posted before, can't remember)
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    Crazy...they make it very clear though that the cost will be coupon + $349 + shipping... I guess individuals are ok with saving $50 (assuming the coupon doesn't go up any higher ;->)
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    just saw the $300 dollar one! Now you are paying MORE that what sprint is going to charge, lol.

    And, yes, the sellers are being honest about it all as long as you read the ebay posting, but these folks bidding must not have any clue.
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    Absolutely nutz! I'm glad I'm going to the NYC roadshow to get it for $349...sell my old 600 on eBay for $300-400 with accessories...and I'll be a happy camper.
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    that's so crazy
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    well i am going to the chicago show, my plan was to buy my treo for $349 but.....

    If I can sell the coupon for $400 or so, then that puts a whole new outlook on the transaction!!!!

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