First, I am not a developer. I have no idea how difficult my idea might be to implement. If some of you feel the need to flame me, so be it.

With all the flaming going on about the 32 megs on the T650, and P1's response that we can add an S/D if we need more. I asked myself, "what if the S/D could be integrated into the Treo memory?" I'm thinking of something like the old DOS days where we could have extended or expanded memory that was really hard disk, but acted like virtual memory.

How cool would it be to have a gig of seamless memory on your Treo?

I know their must be a million quick reasons why this "can't be done." But, with all the intellectual power on these boards, there might just be a way. Oh, and there might just be some ecomonic incentive for the one who pulls it off. I know I'd buy it for a dollar.

I know the blue tooth bounty was not successful. If this is even feasable, what about a bounty for this?

In the best tradition of brain storming, what do you think?

Big Mac