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    Hello All, Can I turn an unlocked Tmobile Treo600 to an ATT Treo.
    I had to switch to ATT. Where is all the network info stored. Like sms gateways. GPRS.

    I can download the ATT updater and re-flash the unit. Will I be able to bring back all my software.?

    Thanks for the help
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    This should not be a problem for most activities. I have an unlocked generic Treo running on AT&T. The gateways and so on seem to be in the ATT SIM. However I did have to set my email parameters manually and there is a tutorial on how to do this on the ATT help site. The only place you may have problems is in using ATT's mMode online services since your home page is still going to be set to T-Mob's instead of ATT's and while I can change it on my generic unit, no one at ATT can tell me what I should change it to. I have no idea what re-flashing would do; it might even lock the device since ATT only sells locked devices. It's an experiment I would not like to do myself.


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