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    I have my treo 600 in a belt case and use a headset. I miss calls all the time because I can not hear it ring, especially in the car. I have the volume set has high as it will go. Is there a way to have the ringer go to my head set or have autoanswer? Help, love the phone, but this is big problem for me.
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    I would also like the phone to ring in the headset like my old Nokia. Unfortunatly, I don't know what we can do about it. One other tip though. I took my case to a store that works on leather goods, in this case a horse riding supply company. I asked them to punch a hole over the Treo speaker. Works great! I no longer have any trouble hearing the phone ring (unless I really crank the tunes!)

    Hope this helps!

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    look in the accesories on this site...there are some new headsets out that will do this that are better than the one provided.
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    Treo 600 ringtone routing:

    1. If the headset for telephony is plugged in, the ringtones go to the speaker on the rear.
    2. If a stereo headset is plugged in, the ringtones go to the headset
    3. If not headset is plugged in, the ringtones go to the rear speaker

    You could use an FM link to your car stereo while driving and thereby get the ringtones in your car stereo.
    You should select your ringtones carefully. If you use monotone ringtones, they are much more audible than polyphonics or MP3s. Use a shrill monotone ringtone and you will be sure to hear it over road noise. You will notice that even Nokias are reverting to monotone ringers for their loudest ringtones. Fancy ringtones are too hard to hear over ambient noise.
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    Thank you very much. I am going to give the stereo headset a try.

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