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    Besides using something like WinMX or Morpheus, what pay services do people like best? Itunes or eMusic, etc? I've found that that every song downloaded from the file sharing programs has to be checked (quite a few are bad with skipping or other problems.)

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    Musicmatch. Their radio service is top notch as well.
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    rHapsody works as well.
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    iTunes. Don't use my Treo as an MP3 player. iPod works so much better for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    rHapsody works as well.
    I've used Rhapsody for a couple months to stream music to my PC, but I've never tried downloading ($.79 per song I believe). I knew you could download a song and burn it to a CD, but can you also download and end up with normal un-DRMed MP3 file that can be transferred to the Treo and played with PocketTunes?
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    Yes, that is exactly why I like it.
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    Rhapsody is the best!
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    Quote Originally Posted by a1l3n
    iTunes. Don't use my Treo as an MP3 player. iPod works so much better for me.
    Well, if I spent the money for the iPod, I'd be using it too. The only problem is, I don't need to spend the money for the iPod since the Treo600 works like a charm.
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    There is a program called iTunes-LAME that converts iTunes AAC files to MP3 - great way to play iTunes files on a Treo.
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    If you want MP3 files, you have to check out allofmp3. It's a Russian site. But if you are worried about your bank accounts you can fund your allofmp3 account using a XROST iCard, which you can buy with PayPal. I bought a pre-paid iCard for $10 and then used the card to fund $10 into my allofmp3 account.

    Why is this service great? Because the laws in Russia are different for data transferred from storage vs. files that are encoded on the fly... what does this mean? They encode your file when you buy it .... and they CHARGE YOU BY THE MEGABYTE rather than the song. It's only $0.01 a meg...

    a four megabyte song costs $0.04 cents... and you choose the encoding variable so you can make the file as large or as small as you want.

    I have already purchased a ton of music and I still have over $4 in my account.

    Check it out... but soon... who knows how long they will be in business.
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    How does the iPod compare to the treo? I know it has more space on it. But usability? Sound Quality? Fun? Which is better and why? is the best. Not paid for thing though
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    If you only want a music player, get an iPod. The Treo cannot compete.
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    I really like Rhapsody too. I also have Napster $20 for a year with USC student discount and I am not found of it, not intuitive and not working correctly. Tech support is days.

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