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    Will the Treo 650 be able to record and play the 3gpp videos that nokia series 60 phones can take and send. I see that the Treo 650 only supports Real Audio player. The Real Video player will play these types of videos.

    It always drove me nuts that my friends with series 60 phones could send Videos in a standard format and I could not!

    Any thoughts?
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    Yeah, I'd like to know this too. My guess is that it would be 3GPP. But, who knows??? Anyone that has played with the 650 know what format the video is saved as?

    From Apple's site:
    Sprint has certified Apple’s Xserve and QuickTime Streaming Server as an approved content creation and delivery platform for their Sprint PCS Vision(SM) Multimedia Service. Sprint content providers can now use Apple hardware and software products to deliver multimedia content to Sprint PCS vision multimedia subscribers.
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    According to this link
    QuickTime is required for video playback. I am not sure if this means 3GPP/3GPP2 will be used internally.
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    It is 3GPP. Check out the extension for the Treo Central video made with a Treo 650 in the "Hands On" article on the front page.
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    From the Quote from the "Hands On" Article, my understanding is that only the CDMA 650 will record videos that I could send as an MMS to other phones (nokia, series 60 etc.)

    The video is in the native 3g2 format that the CDMA Treo 650 takes videos in. (GSM uses h.263, where as 3g2 is a MPEG4 variant)
    Is my understanding correct? This would be a major let down to have 1 unit compatable and the other not.


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