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    I have a question, it may be dumb, but if someone could clarify for me, I'd really appreciate it.

    Whats the big uproar for not having WiFi if we have PCS Vision for 10.00 a month for unlimited service? That gives me access to the web at any time. So, what do I need WiFi for if I have this? From what I understand, WiFi hotspots like say in a restaurant or coffee shop just give you web access in a limited range around that spot. If I have unlimited data and web access, what do I need WiFi for?

    Thanks in advance!
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    1 Control your home-network.
    -Have a computer that is hooked up to a stereo, networked with music, now you can choose what it will play, turn it up etc.
    - Computer hooked up to a TV. Ever try to hook a computer and a TV up and try to read anything, it is retchid. Now you can turn on that movie you just downloaded, and watch it on your 57" HDTV.
    2 Speed
    3 Access to your home-network
    -Streaming music
    -Copy work files over before you leave for work, or you forget all you would need to do is get near your house.
    -Streaming video
    -Work on or view files that are on your other computers.

    This is just some basic things. I have a ton more ideas, but those cost money.
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    For MOST Sprint users, there actually is not a huge need for wi-fi. If you happen to be at a hotspot, you can download a lot faster. Also, in some big offices buildings there are wi-fi networks that run throughout the building that are easier to pick up then a cellphone signal. Thats about it really except for some of us techno-geeks that like to play with things.

    BUT there are a lot of folks that don't use sprint and the data plans on other carriers can be quite steep. For them wi-fi could be very useful if they have easy access to a hotspot.
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    For me, wifi means:
    faster connections at home and the airport
    do not have to use my minutes at home or at a hotspot (use VOIP instead)
    and VPN

    It is not critical but would be nice, after all, i could ask if you have the 600, why would you want the 650? The answer is because it is better for both questions.
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    you're obviously not an international traveller or never outside your own country at all if wi-fi is a no-need for you. but for more and more people it is and its just straight-dumb by P1 to find excuses for something that the competition is integrating since a looong long time.

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