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    I ran out of memory on my Treo 600 while browsing in Blazer the other day and it made me mad. It seems too difficult to control where an app stores data and too difficult to load/launch programs from an SD card.

    I have FileZ and can move stuff here or there, but I always seem to overlook some critical file so, for example, a program that was previously registered is no longer registered, blah blah blah.

    Where is it written that, for example, you can't tell your Photo app to use the SD card to store photos? I think I would like to have everything on my SD card except the files containing registration info, my contacts, calendar and other ROM-based programs.

    Does anyone else do things like this?

    What programs do you use?

    Thank you!

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    If you have not done yet, set the size limit for the browser cache.

    As far as running apps in SD, some apps support it natively.

    A third party application like zLauncher will free up space occupied by other developers like games.

    It does this by swapping applications back and forth to main memory and your SD card. Search for launchers in Handango or PalmGear.
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    zlauncher makes it painfully easy to move things back and forth to your SD card. I put practically everything on mine just to free up main memory on my treo (right now I have over 7mb free). I have the size limit in blazer set to 3mb but have plenty of room to increase it if I need to.

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