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    what i can use my treo as a tivo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cortjestir
    If you have broadband Internet, you can ditch the landline (assuming you don't use DSL) for your TiVo guide data. I have a Phillips Series 1 TiVo using TurboNet and wireless ethernet adapter to hook into my wireless network. The Series 2 in my bedroom uses a USB wireless adapter to hook into my network.

    Course, if you don't have a network (wired or wireless) in your house, this may be more upfront expense than you want to take on right now. Over time, though, it pays off as you don't need to pay for your landline anymore.
    I did not know that. Yes, I have both broadband and wireless network. I guess I've been neglecting the TiVO boards.

    Now back on subject: I have not used a landline at home for conversation in two years and will soon be cancelling my service. I have great Sprint coverage and plan. I also have a decent International calling plan for $4 a month it cost $.06/min to call London.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Im So Unpopular
    Yes. Right now I have only the 650 and no landline phone. It has been this way since I graduated from school a few years ago, and I have found no inconveniences whatsoever...I've been able to get along just fine with only a cell phone.

    I am fortunate enough to have great coverage in my area, but if you live in a more shady coverage zone, then you would have to evaluate accordingly.
    Are you a developer? If not how do you have one already? And how could we go about getting one? (out side of waiting.. )
    treo 90 > treo 300 > treo 600 > treo 650 > motorola Q > instinct > treo pro > Whats next???? PRE?
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