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    Quote Originally Posted by Argelius
    With that comment, I suddenly feel realllllyyyy old. I wonder if I can use the Treo to order my supply of Depends and Viagra...
    lol. i just feel really young, since the 650 is like an old man business phone and im just ayoung guy trying to get organized
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeos
    Argelius. I'll see you in chicago. Ill probably be the only person in the room under 20. Man I feel old getting this thing.
    You'll probably be sitting in the front row with a Lolly Pop in your left hand and the treo 600 in your right!!! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolwol
    a prototype maybe?
    those MPx300 are prototypes
    prototype = engineering sample
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    It appears that the roadshow won't make it to the Denver area .... guess I don't have a chance at getting the discount voucher.....:-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    The call center will honor any web specials that YOU bring up as they CANNOT bring them up. The sprint stores do not honor any web specials.

    Just a helpful hint that could save you up to $50 plus.
    i think in one of the other threads they said that the web discount will be $30. still worth it
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