View Poll Results: Which carrier will you use when you buy the treo 650?

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  • Sprint

    146 51.41%
  • AT&T

    22 7.75%
  • Cingular

    27 9.51%
  • T-mobile

    41 14.44%
  • Verizon

    20 7.04%
  • Unlocked

    22 7.75%
  • HELL NO...I'm not spending money on that S#&@!

    6 2.11%
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    I've been with Sprint 3 different times now and every time I am blown away by its coverage and clarity.
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    Hmm, multiple exclamation marks and capital letters. You're either a woman or new to the internet (or foreign or over 45). Voted Sprint.
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    Sprint has the fastest and most consisitent bandwidth in the U.S.
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    Sprint...Its the service Ive had for a few years now...and no phone would make me switch away from it.

    I mean really.... $10 for unlimted Internet/SMS/Picturemail. You cannot beat that.
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    OTHER. I only buy rogers authentic phones...makes my life a lot easier in terms of i give my friends store some bidness.
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    If Sprint's coverage didn't have such a bad rep. in my area, I'd go with them, but Verizon's hasn't let me down.
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    T-Mobile... Low data rates, good family plans, Good coverage in Boston... My only problem with them is that their GPRS speeds suck... a blazing 24KBps
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    Sprint since reason to change.
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    I have been with T-mobile for 5 years and I have the 3000 minutes anytime plan for 59 dollars. No carrier even comes close to this. This is an old plan and it has not been offered for a few years now. The 650 will be my first smartphone so if the the GPRS speeds are too slow I may switch to ATT but most likely I would wait it out with TM until they roll out EDGE.
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    Sprint sucks in my area, but I have a great discount from a job I had 4 years ago and don't want to lose it. I also just signed up for that $5 a month for roaming so I will see how that goes.
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    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    unlocked baby
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    Cheap, unlimited data plus 20% corporate discount makes Sprint a no-brainer.
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    Sprint. I have had them for years with absolutely no problems. Plus I have grandfathered vision 10 bucks a amonth, unlimited sms, unlimited pcs to pcs calling.
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    T-Mobile. I'm in sales and need lots of minutes during normal business hours. No other carrier even comes close to their prices here in Dallas:

    $49.95 for 3,000 anytime minutes
    $19.95 for unlimited data
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    Sprint, and I am so happy they are first to sell 650!
    I remember a few years back as I waited for the Feb. launch of the first treo, and how devestated I was to learn that Sprint did not have it. I waited 6 more months for the 300 to arrive.
    Waiting for my 650 now!
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    My Treo is unlocked. But I am with Tmobile. No one can match the mins or the data plan prices.
    $49.99 for 3000min
    $19.99 Unliminted Data
    Service is great here in Denver
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    Verizon, or an Unlocked GSM 650
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fandango
    Hmm, multiple exclamation marks and capital letters. You're either a woman or new to the internet (or foreign or over 45). Voted Sprint.

    Ha ha, funny...Neither!!!

    Oh, and since when did you become the typing police...

    TYPING FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!
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