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    What am I missing? I downloaded the 650 simulator and installed it and a lot of features work but the radio won't turn on therefore I can't play with the internet connection to see how it renders certain sites.
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    You can't use turn the radio on in Simulator. However, you can test with an Internet connection by right clicking Simulator and choosing Settings->Communicator->Redirect Netlib calls to Host TCP/IP.
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    Thanks...that did the trick!

    Now are we to assume the speed on this is still amped up by our high speed connections or is this supposed to depict how fast pages will load?
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    It's using your PC's network connection to its maximum speed-- if you have a high speed connection pages will usually load much quicker than they do on the actual device.
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    where do you get to download the simulator?
    I want to play too
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    Also, it is running at the same processor speed of your PC, and not the 312 MHz that the Treo 650 will run at. Therefore pages will render even quicker still.
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    I am having trouble loading Java applets. I installed the IBM MicroSphere drivers, but when I try to run Java applets I get an error in Windows (the simulator program) about some library that could not be loaded, and then a square character (probably unsupported font). What do I do to make it work?
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    how can you get the simulator to use a internet program like ezftp ect.?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pixhershko
    where do you get to download the simulator?
    I want to play too
    I forget the exact link, but go to and sign up (it's free!), look for Development Resources and you should find it.
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    I have it downloaded and installed, but cannot seem to run Java applets. Has anyone has success with this using the simulator?
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    thanks dacloutier ...

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