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    When entering a new contact into the built-in PIM of the Sprint Treo600, it defaults to a capital letter in the "Address" field and a capital letter for the "ZIP Code" field. This seems odd to me since in the US nearly every street address starts with a number, and EVERY US zip code contains only numbers.

    Is there a system extension (or PalmOS5 "hack") that will change this behavior? I am trying to get the Treo to apply the number lock upon placing the cursor in the "Address" field, and then when a [space] is typed, turning off the Num Lock and doing a shift to capitalize the first letter of the street name. Additionally, I would like the Num Lock turned on when the cursor enters the "ZIP Code" field.

    Does anyone know of any such software? I did some searches and the only discussion of the subject appears to have been last year.

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    Good question. I'm interested in a fix for the zip field default too!

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