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    NesEm, what about XCade? MAME games on the Treo -- that would rock. Doesn't work on the t600 -- needs high res.
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    yeah, nesem is going to be great. dont forget there is a genesis, master system, and atari st emulator also. im looking forward to playing sega greats like outrun, afterburner, and space harrier. but with nesem, playing ringking, or double dragon 2 over bluetooth is going to own big time. with blue tooth, i think you and another person can also "share" games!!!
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    *prays* Please please please let the Treo 650 support multiple button presses...

    Mmmm... Zanac, Xenon 2, R-Type... so many shooters, so little time!

    *thumb shaking uncontrollably*
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    I really want a GBA emulator for the treo 650, like if the 650 is supported by crimson fire. That would be AMAZING.... pokemon days here I come!!!!!!

    (could use the keyboard to move around instead of the 5 way nav thing just like a PC emulator)...
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    it does not work, crash the 650 everytime.... bummer...
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