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    Just got back from the Long Beach conference, got to see the new available apps. got to see the 650 up close, got my coupon for the discounted phone, it was worth the drive and worth my time, and worth the $6.00 parking.
    I got a chance to meet some of the peeps from Palm One, all of them are very cool and gave a good presentation.
    My impression of the phone is that, it is what most here are expecting it to be and the features that we know of and have read about are implemented well. All Treo 600 users and the newbs (ME) who buy and use the 650 will all be able to say " I was there in the begining". The information age has gone mobile and the smartphone is the device to make it happen, and the Treo 650 is the happening device.
    Not that anyone of you doesn't already know that. I didn't see a treocentral sign but I know ya'all was there.

    Who else was there? What did you think? Did you do ur coupon thing already?
    So Big Ups to snoopy,spooky,angel,chuy,G-baby,G-daddy,G-moms, and all the crew at the Hyatt L. B.
    I'm out-Peace-Word to your Mother and One For My Dead Homies!!

    p.s. is homies one m or 2???
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    I was there this morning. Sat in the back. Was it me or was the first presentor (not the MC/last presentor) excruciatingly boring? The engineer dude had some great slides and even some great thoughts on the R&D process. I liked his talk a lot.

    I haven't used my coupon yet. Here's a question though. Coupon says that if we try a treo and decide to keep it at the end of the 30 day trial, we will get a "substantial discount." Is there an arbitrage opportunity here? I mean, are they offering you a greater discount than if you were to buy it up front (perhaps as further incentive to keep it).
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    That first Engineer Dood was not comfortable in front of crowds!?!. A real BORE- and such an exciting product!!
    But that Joe guy knew his stuff and spoke well.
    As for you're ? about the coupon, I'm not sure what the diff between the 30 day and the purchase only deal is, BUT I do know that if you purchase only you pay $349.00!!!
    Thats a 70 dollar savings over the new service activation minus the 30 dollar additional discount for ordering on line from Sprint.

    I didn't order mine at the Palm One site yet cause its not a secure server an I'm paranoid.

    Did you hear the part about Sprint being the only carrier for this year!!!!???!!!
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    I ordered with my coupon from the AM show with my AE card. It's easy to cancel and get a refund from AE, and there are posts from people that say they have already received there T600 orders when ordered from the coupon site. Gotta have faith I guess!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GiggleBush
    I didn't order mine at the Palm One site yet cause its not a secure server an I'm paranoid.
    I went ahead and placed the order. I have Citibank's virtual card numbers so I am able to take smaller chances. If someone else captures the credit card number, it can only be used once and only has a $450 limit on it (didn't know if there was tax and shipping and didn't want any complications delaying my order).

    If you have a Citibank card, I highly recommend this free service available for download at: I believe...

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