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    Greetings all. I am not sure if this has been addressed before, and I am sorry if this is a repeat of another prevoius question. After my girlfriend lost my stereo headphone adaptor after only 3 days of ownership, I was thinking about how sometimes I would be happy with ANY music instead of silence. Because of this, I am curious if it is possbile to make a ultity which allows for one to listen to music though a program like Ptunes in mono on a headset like the ones you would use to make a call. Is this at all possible? I know the sound wouldnt be spectauclar, but it would be something, and would be nice walking between classes. Thanks for your time!


    ::hopes it can work ^_^::
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    This has been discussed, although I don't feel like looking up the threads so here is the solutions.

    If you hold down the button on the supplied headset (the one used to make calls) the music will come through. So if you wrap a rubber band or clip around the hang up/ dial button in the middle of the wire, the music will play. Just remove the rubber bank to talk on the phon again!
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    it works! that is awesome! you rule, thanks ^_^
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    I have detailed files.
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    Those Nokia-brand ear bud type allows audio to come through - also works as a actual headset. The answer button does not work though.
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    The microphone on the headset also doesn't work. It uses the microphone on the Treo body.

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