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    First I bought the Treo 300. Worked great, other than the flimsy lid, but they replaced that. No big deal.

    Next I bought the Treo 600. Loved everything about it, until I started having the network search issue. I went through 3 Treo600s hoping to get one that didn't exhibit the problem.

    Now I am on my 4th Treo 600. My latest replacement was the 'no camera' version. It doesn't have an ESN in the range, but now, even with a nearly full battery, it has the "no service" issue when I try to place calls. The "no service" message just seems to be a replacement for "network search". What a piece of junk.

    To make matters worse, I get a letter in the mail today that PalmOne knows that I've had several phones replaced, so they offer me a free accessory to make me feel better. I don't want a stinking accessory!! I just want a phone that I can use for over 3 months without having battery issues!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. I feel like maybe I should buy the 650 just so I don't have to deal with it anymore, but how do I know they won't have similar issues with that phone? I'm sure it will have its own share of problems. Can't palm do just a wee bit more reliability testing?

    End of rant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CmdrGuard
    These ESN's are the ones known for the problems NoClones.
    Yeah, I saw that. But it also said about checking your SN. So I assumed there was a range of bad SNs.
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    Well I have had my Tre0 600 since Oct 5, 2003, and it just started the No Service issue yesterday and it falls in the ESN range. Take a printout of the link to the Sprint Store today to see what I need to do now. I have the $4 monthly warranty charge so I hope they will cover it. It has been acting a little odd the past couple of weeks locking up a lot and I have never really had to reset my Treo except maybe once before then. I luckly checked the forums and found this thread. Oh well now maybe I can sell a less used refurb on e-bay when I get my 650.
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    Sprint's referbs (Or if you get one in a Sprint store, a reconditioned phone) are crap. I've gone through 4 already (in a few days), each with different problems.
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    Alright, now the "no service" problem has been getting worse and worse. I now notice this to occur very consistently when the battery drops to 57%. In fact, if I am in a call, the call will automatically drop, without any warning (!) to the dial pad. Of course, checking the battery level reveals 57%.

    I also can't receive calls when the battery is less than or equal to 57%. So essentially, my phone has 43% the normal battery capacity because any use greater than 43% results in the phone being inoperable.

    I have no choice now but to go to sprint and ask for a replacement. This is ridiculous. It seem quite reasonable to expect that this bug is fixed in the 650. With so so many bugs and these ranges of defective ESN's Palmone should issue recalls of the 600 and upgrade to the 650.

    I should note that my phone was bought in Feb and crap like this should not occur to a $600 phone after 8 months.
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