I guess no one will know for sure until someone actually lays hands on a 650 and tests this out, but will the 650 allow you to listen to music via Bluetooth headsets? Will the application playing the music have to have some special enablement for Bluetooth to make this happen, or will it work automagically? That is, will I have to get a new version of pTunes to work with Bluetooth audio?

Can I make these apps play audio through a normal Bluetooth headset-microphone combo, even though it won't be stereo? The reason I ask is the Audible.com book player. I listen to books on this thing via headphones all the time, and don't care if it is a single earpiece / stereo or not (technically, it's mono audio anyway). This will not work today with the Treo 600 and a wired phone headset-microphone combo, since the Treo 600 pipes all Palm application audio through the phone speaker when a phone headset-microphone combo is plugged in. It will only put Palm audio thru the headphone jack if you plug in a real stereo headset (or one of the Treo 600-specific switchable headphones).

I personally think the headphone behavior of the Treo 600 is really stupid (why would I want to hear audio thru the mono phone speaker if I have a headset plugged into it?), and I have a sinking feeling the Treo 650 will be just as stupid via Bluetooth, or worse, won't support audio via Bluetooth at all except for phone audio. I guess there's a simple way to test: if you use a Bluetooth headset with the 650, and play an MP3, does the music come thru the headset, or thru the phone speaker?