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    Lo folks

    Ages ago I decided to buy myself a nice shiny Treo 600 (partly becuase of the encouragment here...good call). But here in the UK, you can only get a contract with Ornage, because the gits signed an exclusive deal. Now, they've pissed me off by removing it from sale! does this mean there is no way for me to get myself a nice shiny Treo here? Woe am I

    Any idea what the British options for the 650 are? The camera seems to have become worth considering...
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    I've seen that Orange will carry the 650...
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    Funny, was cutting through Heathrow 2 weeks ago and Dixons had a whole mess of them in the window, though they were the international version (silver not charcoal) not Orange. However when I saw the price I almost dropped! (399 or almost $800). However that's a different issue....
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    I was in the Victoria Station Orange store on Friday, and asked ifthey've stopped it, as there were none on display. The guy who worked there said that they were still carried in 'some central London business orientated stores'. It sounds like they are still available, just difficult to get hold of.

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