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    This is my 4th replacment

    My screen before had a slightly bluish tint, which wasnt that bad.

    But my new replacment has a pinkish faded screenm that looks like crap.

    colors look faded out.

    Is this another of palms crappy products or what?

    any one else have this problem?

    any advise?
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    I too noticed that my first revision Treo 600 had significantly better screen (color-wise) than the replacement I received back in September. I even had the two side by side and noticed a substantial difference.
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    Man, this sucks, I remembet the very first t600 i had, had the best screen.
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    I received a refurbished Treo when I sent mine in for replacement because of the buzzing issue. The one that TMo sent me in return had terrible resolution and a tint to it. I called Tmo and they replaced that one for me too....
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    Yeah I'm going on my 3rd one and wondering how the screen will be (box is sitting in the corner). They realy need to get their quality control working better, so far it's been pretty dam awfull. a friend at work is on 8 and won't stop until he gets one that everything works on and the scree is as good as the demo unit in the stores.
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    I just received MY third one today.. Amazing how nearly everyone on here has been through at least two or three phones.

    In any event, phone #2 had the horrible buzzing sound and a screen with a yellowish tint. Phone #3 is much nicer. The esn number is about 30,000 higher than the last one.
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    Yeah and if the screen does not suck then it will develop an orange blotch, or the phone will start dropping calls - I had 100s in three days - or the volume buttons will stop working...

    I have been a Treo fan and had the 600 for a year now but I think I am just running outof gas for dealing with this crap. If they amde it simpler - like overnight a replacement, dont make me go to sprint every time, etc. thayt would help.

    Hell they shoukd have a website with a one click and aradio button to select the deficiency there are so many of these cases

    I know it is a complex device, etc...but this is just plain silly
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    Woof so the new one has nice (but not agressive) pink cast to the screen *sigh*. And the battery won't charge past 91%. I don't understand why it's so hard to get a friggin decent unit.
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    I traded up significantly. The camera is better and so is the reception so I lucked out. Everyone used to complain about breaking up calls but no more. I still only get 2 bars in my house though. Only one unplanned reset in over 1 week. knock on wood
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    I got my second one today and it's brand new. The screen is just a little darker. The camera did seem better. My Card backup software kicks ***. It's like having my old phone except it doesn't drop calls.
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    call sprint exec office and tell em off..

    I did it and got brand new in box.....

    if I didn't call em I would have a refurbished blue tint crap

    for info on getting the exec numbers, go to
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    How do you tell what % your battery is at ?
    Also, if you're on the phone screen with the numbers and the part that's supposed to be white is tinted blue is that a reason to get it replaced ? This is my 1st Treo 600. Pictures taken with the cam seem pretty bad also (Even for a cam phone).
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    I ha d a blue screen one as my 4th replacement. It worked for awhile then the volume buttons broke. It did not really bother me and was fine to read and stuff.

    Don't wotty - it will alomst certainly fail for some other reason and you can get yet another one

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