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    I tried the Treo 650 at the CTIA show yesterday. The display is fantastic, as everyone else has said. Also, the keyboard letters are much easier to read.

    However, the Calendar program has been updated and the WeekView view (where you can see the text of your appointments in a 1 or 2 week view) has been removed.

    I don't know about you, but the WeekView view is the only one I use! WeekView was originally shareware and it appears you will still be able to buy it (or a fancier version) from Pimlico Software:

    One other glitch I noticed was in the Solitare program. The highlight around the selected card was missing, so it was nearly impossible to use. I assume this is just a bug that will be fixed.

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    interesting. i am still using the treo300 and it's on there. i never would have guessed that it was 'separate'... it seems just one available view of the calendar.
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    I think the Handspring-branded Treos sported a licensed version of Pimlico's datebk+, which they renamed Calendar on the Treo600. It sounds like the Treo650 has the same Calendar application as on the Tungsten T5, which is an enhanced version of palmOne's datebook and uses their new proprietary database, adding new fields eg. location. Unfortunately the palmone Calendar doesn't have a week view. Pimlico's datebk5 is a fine replacement with the week view, though all datebk replacements have had problems with the new database that are still being worked out.
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    So datebook5 will not work with the Treo650? Another reason to hold onto my 600 for awhile.
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    I hope that Datebk5 is updated to allow usage of these fields as well. The location field would be great!
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    There are some crash issues with the current release version of datebk5, mostly because of the patching that palmOne did to keep the classic datebk and new Calendar databases in sync, but Pimlico have now released a beta to the yahoo support group which sounds like it should fix the t5 issues, and presumably also the same t650 issues.

    Edit: it doesn't yet do anything with the location field, but this is promised in the major upgrade for the end of the year.
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    I installed and ran, without issues, Datebk5 in the Treo 650 simulator. Granted, this is not using the flash filesystem.
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    The flash-implementation on the Treo650 sounds a little different to that on the T5 - where the T5 copied chunks of data into 16Mb of RAM for access, the Treo650 keeps 32Mb flash and 32Mb of volatile RAM in sync, according to the TreoCentral "Direct from palmOne" article. Maybe this means the same issues won't crop up on the Treo650. Pimlico's comment on the Treo650 wrt the new db5 version runs "You will also want to use this on the forthcoming Treo650 as it has the same architecture (using flash memory to store its data) and will therefore likely have the same performance/stability issues if you are accessing the classic PalmSource databases."

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