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    we need palmOne and these guys to communicate so the 650 is compatible with this on launch.
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    Yeah, especially the caller-id portion of it! That looks very cool...
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    Wow, double wammy, cool phone and cool headset. I am glad this release came out before I bought one. Thanks Wahili. Now if we could only get them to do a Roadshow.
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    If you have caller id on your headset, everyone around you will know the number of the person you are speaking to.
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    It's on the inside... take a closer look at the photos.
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    Perhaps not, lyndon. It appears that the screen faces inward while wering the device. However, if you're wearing the device, how can you see the display?
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    You ask the person standing next to you to read you the number.
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    Bluetooth 1.2 though, is that backward compatible. The 650 being backward of course.
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    bluetooth 1.2 is supposed to be completely backwards compatible with 1.1

    you do lose greater security against exploits (ie bluesnarfing!) , 802.11 spectrum compliancy as well as 1.2 devices being able to connect to a number of devices simultaneously with less conflicts.

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