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    The Treo 650 includes Bluetooth and fast Net connections. VoIP works well on 80+Kbps, so either wireless network will support it. And the new T650 CPU is plenty fast. So which SIP software (softphone) will run on it? Since Vonage uses a SIP interface (with secret settings to appear proprietary), which T650 SIP SW will connect to my Vonage softphone account? If none, which will connect to my Asterisk telephony server, or someone else's Internet VoIP network, like Free World Dialup or Packet8?
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    There are none right now. Skype is supposedly comming out with a Treo version, but although it uses SIP, I believe that it is proprietary.

    Pulver is supposedly alpha testing a SIP client for PalmOS called pulver.communicator. It works with Free World Dialup by default, but is configurable to talk to other gateways. The windows version is available now, but it too is in beta.

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