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    it seems to me that verizon has pretty expensive data plans for the treo. dont they have something like sprint or cingular which has a 15-20 dollar a month fee for unlimited. i want to surf on my verizon treo but not pay thru the nose 50-60 bux.
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    The only plans Verizon has that I know of are the unlimited $50 plan and the 5MB plan for $10-15.
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    Actually their 5MB plan is $25
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    WOW THATS CRAZY why arent they more competitive?
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    They also offer data on a per-minute basis-- deducted out of your regular call minutes... For every minute your data connection is *active*, you get charged a minute of call time.

    I called two or three times and asked two or three different techs to confirm that it was only when you have the green "active" arrows showing that you get charged... I haven't verified this on my bill, as I almost never go over my minutes, but that's the theory.

    Also, since I have unlimited nights and weekends, data is also unlimited nights and weekends...
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    I just called Verizon and the tech said the only way to access internet/web is to use one of their 2 data plans. They said there was no way to just have it billed to your regular minutes. This was contrary to info here and another couple of support people at verizon.
    So how did you get them to set you up with minutes only plan?
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotttreo
    Actually their 5MB plan is $25
    ...and the unlimited plan is $44.99 (with a voice plan over $29.99).
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    You can definitely use minutes to use data on the phone. It is well posted throughout, and I do it myself. Verizon customer service is mostly clueless.
    Michael Young
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    Verizon says that you have to use their data plan so that they make money. You can use your minutes although you have to be careful because the Verzon T600s "ping" the network often and it is well documented that people have ended up using thousands of minutes costing them huge amounts of money.

    Use the search function to research threads about this...

    Also, I know $15 would be nice, but I don't really think that $45 is so aweful considering what you are doing with it. Yes, they could be more competitive, but Verizon's network is bigger, better, and faster (IMO) so I'm ok with paying for it.
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    $45 is fairly steep for those of us that only occasionaly need web access or email when traveling. It's also a fair bit more than my DSL from Verizon. One of the problems with the 5MB plan is there info on your data usage is 5 days behind.
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    I have the $45 plan and I feel that it is excessive (even though I'm getting a 21% discount and my company pays for over half of my bill.) Yes, it is fast and reliable but the cost is just too high for the majority of Treo 600 users. This makes sense:

    $45 unlimited data - modem/standalone/bluetooth
    $20 unlimited data - standalone
    $10 for up to 5MB and $3 per MB after that - modem/standalone/bluetooth
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    You may have to try a couple of times before you'll find a tech who knows what you're talking about... as I recall now that you've mentioned it, I did have to call twice-- the first tech said what I was talking about didn't exist, but the second tech was like, "oh, yeah, of course. it should have already been on, I'll get it going for you..."... if you search around treocentral and I'm sure I found the actual name of the service on one of the message boards...

    But I'd give it another try to see if another tech knows about it...

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