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    After being online for 2-5 minutes, PDANet's internet connection stops responding. When that happens, PDANet says it's "connected" for a few seconds, but doesn't receive any additional data from the network. Finally, PDANet just disconnects and I have to sign on again.

    It's impossible to download my company's email in the short time PDANet stays online. Each time I get disconnected I have to restart the email download and hope that PDANet will stay connected for a while longer.

    Has anyone else been having a similar problem?

    I am using Verizon, and am located in Midtown Manhattan. This problem started only this Wednesday. Verizon said there were some network problems on that day, so I am hoping my disconnection problem is temporary.

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    Has anyone else had this problem on a PC? Apparently Mac users aren't able to maintain a USB-based modem connection with the Treo 600, but why is this happening on my Win2K laptop?

    Please Help!
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    Sorry dude/-tte that no one replied. You'll have to go to, see if their troubleshooting page has a solution. Or contact junefabric support directly - you paid for their help, may as well use it.
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