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    I got my AT&T GSM Treo 600 in December. In May I had it replaced due to a loud buzzing on almost all calls.

    I'm now getting my 3rd replacement due to a problem where they touchscreen - stylus synchronization keeps messing up. I'll click on the screen with the stylus and it thinks I'm clicking about a 1/4 inch below where I'm actually pressing. Soft resets and attempts at multiple resynchronizations haven't fixed the issue.

    It should be interesting to see what I get this time, Treo #2 had a far worse screen than Treo #1, it wasn't nearly as bright.

    I will say this though, Palm customer service is outstanding. Both times I've called them it took about 10 minutes total and they instantly agreed to ship me a replacement unit.

    The unit goes off warranty in about a month and a half, after that my next replacement will be a 650. :-)
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    Unfortunately, if they're still shipping 600s, you'll get a 600.
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