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    Verichat was working fine for me till yesterday. From today morning I am getting following errors (one after another):

    "Error connecting to YAHOO IM proxy server"
    "Error connecting to MSN IM proxy server"

    I am using DATA not SMS.

    Internet works fine.

    I have T-Mobile T-zone on treo 600. What's wrong.
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    Try powering off your radio. (Shutting off the phone and restarting). If that doesn't work soft reset.

    I have that come up once in a while, usually caused by getting calls and im's at the same time or sms's and ims a the same time.
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    I tried it. I even re-installed the latest version of Verichat after deleting the old version from both treo and the PC. Still no luck.
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    I am having the exact same problem!
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    I don't know, I just check mine and it is working. But I am with Cingular SoCal, I don't know if it matters.
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    It must be a Tmobile Tzone issues.
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    Strange!! Does anyone have Verichat working with T-Zone?
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    Have you contacted PDAApps yet ?
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    I just sent them a mail. Do they have a phone number?
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    go to the website:
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    They don't have a phone number listed for support
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    Well I called t-mobile and they finally caught on... they said they put a firewall to block certain sites or services like verichat. Oh well.... any other suggestions for im?
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    Oh I'm using T-zones.
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    I have already paid for Verichat. I hope they will work something out.
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    I use T-Mobile unlimited data and I had no problem with Verichat. I just checked.
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    Anyone using T-Zones only (4.99) and Verichat working?
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    Verichat sent me a special version for T-Zones and it works. Their support is great!!
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    How do i get one?
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    I just e-mailed them and they sent an attachment with Verichat for T-zones. Truely awesome!
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    Even more interesting fact is that if you install the latest version of Verichat WITHOUT DELETING the T-zone version, it will work.

    Support had asked me to do so. I have now the latest version and it works.
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