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    Anyone use that golfing gps sd card yet? It's like $299 I think. I have serial gps with mapopolis and it's good except that I keep maps on SD card and it has to import/export them when I start up and exit mapopolis. Otherwise, I could keep maps in my AMPLE, ROOMY RAM but I'd rather not. I wonder if the SD card can store maps/data as well. Does the mapping software or anything have to be in ram?
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    The iGolf GPS card does not have any storage on it.
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    thanks, what about maps? I imagine that means you have to store all your maps in RAM, which is not really much of an improvement over tethered. None of this really matters because even when I store maps on sd card, they still need enough room in RAM to import.
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    You are correct. Just a smaller form factor is the real difference.
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    We have a review of the SD GPS at our website.
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