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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy
    are morning and afternoon sessions the same? What there ANYTHING different?
    I had the same question and asked our Palm rep here in Dallas. His answer was this:
    the morning is 'WHY an enterprise should deploy mobile apps', and the afternoon is 'HOW to do that, mostly around security and device mgmt, etc'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GiggleBush
    Hey cglaguna, very apt rap up. I was also pleased with the RoadShow and ordered mine when I got home. although I hesitated at first cause the server wasn't secure, but it will be soon, but I couldn't wait.
    Do you get the feeling PalmOne cust support is really good ? ?
    I was very impressed with thier commitment, for their strong resolve as to wanting the equipmentto be cutting edge but, to work properly, and be dependable rather than be bleeding edge.

    I think they understand the problems had with the 600, personally I had few but have read many here. They want people to trust the devices.

    When the Director of Product development whips out his screwdriver and takes apart my 600 because of a minor button noise issue, I was very impressed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by imageone

    I've had WiFi since 1/2000. And what about the Tungsten C that came out a year and a half ago? I have one and it works great!
    I disagree, They brought up the fact that they had it available. The said that there were many issues that would only affect a phone/pda combo. If you are on the phone and you walk into a WiFi area do you want the phone to connect you automatically, do you want the 650 to prompt you, if you are in a WiFi Bluetooth area which takes priority.

    They had very convincing arguments for me. They said that they could do product research and changes forever but this thing had already been in pre production for over a year. They wanted to get it out working right.

    They said the device is first and foremeost a phone, bluetooth is a necessity in phones (for ear pieces, auto kits...) Wifi is nice but still not worth shoving in the device without enough time to make it work everytime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juancho
    Did they say anything about when they expect the Blackberry connect software to be ready?
    No, no one asked and it was not discussed. Later I asked Peter about it but he said it was not his area and to ask Joe, but I never got around to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    thanx for the wrap up.

    where are the pics? they should probably go in there own thread, so more ppl can see them.
    Comparison pictures are here from Long Beach Roadshow:

    Someone else asked me if I had ordered yet, I did, last night. I didn't hear about the entering them into the computer, but I was one of the last to leave because I was fancinated talking to Product Developer.

    Oh and the June Fabrics software work almost flawlessly, They changed Treos so often, I was surprised at how stable it was. It was impecably sharp, I don't need the software, but i want to buy it anyway. ( I guess most of my purchases fit this description.)
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