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    I'm getting a little tired of the current IM app i'm using and am ready to move on. Tho I'm uncertain if the Premier version is worth the extra dough. According to the site it says the Standard version doesn't support "Real-Time Alerts" ehh? Can anyone shed some light?

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    I suggest you test drive it. The app is easy to set up and use and it is also stable. Is it worth the money? Sure, if you plan on using the features related to the levels of service you want. Ben
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    What are "Real Time Alerts?" Does that allow you to recieve IM's while using another app? If that's the case, the basic causerie is almost worthless to me.
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    I'm not quite sure what 'real-time alerts' are either, and I use Causerie

    Causerie does allow you to recieve IM's while you are in other apps. A pop-up window appears into which you can enter responses and see the chat. You can either stay in the pop-up, dismiss it altogether, or go to the full-fledged IM application. I think that functionality is in both the Standard and the Premier versions.

    The standard version does not include BOTs though. IM bots allow one touch access to stocks, weather, California Traffic (not much good in Atlanta), etc.

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