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    I live in Singapore. It costs me approx. 10cents for 1 SMS and 50cents for 1 MMS.

    Most or all mobile phones are able to "Send Contact" via SMS directly but I can only use MMS or Mail. Otherwise I have to spend time copying and pasting in order to use SMS.

    Anybody found a way round this problem?

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    if you are using (Treo Edition)

    or the original Standard SMS Application -
    you could add your contact details to a fresh QuickTEXT

    and sending contact details is just 1 click away in future

    < / Markus >
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    It's a good idea. Thanks!

    However, this only works for my own details/contact. If I need to SMS a colleague's contact to my customer...

    doesn't seem possible without the hassle of copying and pasting several times.
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    Try Addr2Memo or FunSMS (both on Palmgear). Both will do what you're looking for, but I use Addr2Memo because it's cheaper . . .
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    Will try that!
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    You may try SMSaddress
    It does VCARD send&receive over SMS. Receive doesn't work with T600

    I must express again my disapointment on ignorance Treo creators are showing to SMS. Since my first VisorPhone, we are still waiting for decent SMS app.

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    i agree, i'm so disappointed at how many developers ignore the importance of SMS management/functionality
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    hey there,

    i live in spore too and was also concerned with not being able to send contact via sms like other nokia phones. one other feature which i though t was missing is the possiblility of sending sms'es on schedule. have any idea on this? and do u have any ideas when the t650 is expected in spore?
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    Not only that, we also can't send the memo created in TREO600 MemoPad using SMS (, this is very dissapointing to me.

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