View Poll Results: Will we see Sprint DUN or SD WiFi support first?

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  • Sprint DUN support and compatible service license will be available first.

    21 63.64%
  • WiFi is Hot, PalmOne will support it before Sprint can test their coffee machine.

    0 0%
  • Get Real, neither has any intention of following through.

    12 36.36%
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    OK PRPRPR $departments$ $are$ $in$ $damage$ $control$ $mode$. $PalmOne$ $is$ $now$ $saying$ $they$'$ll$ $support$ $WiFi$ $SD$ $card$ $on$ $the$ $650$ ($sometime$) $and$ $Sprint$ $is$ $saying$ $DUN$... $we$ $just$ $need$ $to$ $finish$ $testing$, $our$ $licenses$ $don$'$t$ $restrict$ $our$ $customers$... $Well$... $will$ $these$ $promises$ $hold$... $or$ $is$ $this$ $like$ $the$ $election$ $candidates$... $lots$ $of$ $promises$?
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    It all depends on when one considers a promise to have "gone empty". If Sprint/PalmOne supports DUN and/or WiFi in, say, 2008 have they made an empty promise?

    Since they apparently do not right now one could assume they have to (1) write whatever software they have to write both ON the TREO 650 and OFF the TREO 650 to support it, (2) test that software, then (3) install that software OFF thre TREO 650 and make it available for installation ON the TREO 650.

    That is not a quickie...
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    where is the wi-fi info from?! just wishful wishing?
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    All I want from Sprint is a written confirmation from Sprint that my DUN use of a Vision enabled phone is permitted, and I'll be the ultimate happy camper. Sure, WiFi would be the icing on the cake, but knowing I'd have unlimited access even when on the road from almost ANYWHERE would be the berries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beelzebueb
    where is the wi-fi info from?! just wishful wishing?

    PalmOne's Colligan said they are working on it and it should be available. no eta though.

    From the front page story, I think dun will be available a lot sooner than wifi.
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    Definitely BT. Palm is already testing their DUN software. Shirai and Colligan's highly tentative statements about WiFi suggest that they don't even know if they'll have a WiFi solution available; they've only said that they're working on the issue. It's turned out to be a much thornier engineering problem that anyone at P1 bargained for. If my purchase of the 650 hinged on future WiFi support, I would definitely look elsewhere. You've been warned.
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    Luckily I'm not too concerned about WiFi, it would have been nice if it was built-in with no increase in price. Optional SD card would have been second best, but I've decided I can live without it. In certain areas where WiFi is HOT I can see people getting upset, and at home and in the office it would have been very nice with VPN support. At least they have something to tempt me with in the next model. NOW JUST GET ME A GSM 650 NOW !

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