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    I have a Treo 600 with the latest TMobile update installed. When someone calls my phone, my phone spontaneously reboots. This happens once a week on average.

    Instead of going to voicemail, the caller hears the generic TMobile message: "the subscriber you have called .............."

    I am only running one program on my handheld, and it's the latest version of CallFilter.

    Anyone else experience this weird problem?

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    Are you using Call Filter to play a mp3 ringer or anything like that? If so Pocket Tunes might be your actual culprit. This happened to me alot on my refurb Treo..LightWav or PocketTunes would cause the phone to reset when it tried to play the ringer. I recently replaced the referb under warranty and my problem seems to have gone away...

    Try disabling call filter for a few days and see if that helps.
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    I had the same problem and traced it to either Callfilter or Simple Profile Manager - error message always said Profile. Disabling either one seemed to fix my problem. If you have both, try that out and then you'll just have to decide which app is more important to you. I stuck with Callfilter and deleted SPM. Good luck.
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    After a reboot make sure to do a #*377 or a *#377 to get the treo to tell you where the error is and what the error was.

    Most reboot problems associated with callfilter come from bad indexing of your contacts or from erroneous contacts. Which in turn can be caused by syncing information over from a previous device or having a bad sync in general.
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    i'm having this on my sprint treo 600. but the caller goes to voicemail, so i eventually find out. i think it's a database corruption or something with lightwav/ptunes, but i know one of them is causing it.

    it's unfortunate that P1 decided mp3-type ringtones were not important for their customers. i found lightwav the best for me, but not near integrated enough. it usually takes too long to get a straight answer if there's a legitimate bug in lightwav or not, as it piggybacks on pTunes. i usually give up & wait for updates.

    i wasn't planning on this for the 650.

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