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    Well, not quite yet, but soon. As soon as I can get a new 650.

    I never switched from 300 to 600 for several reasons. Including the low res (but smaller than 300) screen, the smaller keyboard and what I guessed would be a potentially buggy new device (boy was I Right on that one). Also, in the beginning, there were no real "killer apps" for me that you could only get on the 600. Even after some apps started to come out that looked good, there was the continuing quality control issues. The camera was not a big deal for me even before it was known that the 600 camera stunk.

    All in all, I made the correct decision. Other than a battery drain problem after 8 months on 300 #1 (replaced under warranty) and then drop kicking #2 and breaking it (replaced via lockline) I have not had a single problem with the thing and have loved every second of having it.

    But, alas, it is time to move on. The 650 has addressed just about all of my concerns with the 600. The screen looks great and the keyboard will, I belive, be good enough for two-thumb typing with while being superior to the 300 on one-handed operation. The new camera and video should be a nice toy.

    In addition, there are now a number of apps such as the map programs and better browsers and e-mail possibilities (especially email attachments) that can only be had on the 600/650 and with the high res screan you should be actually able to see the maps!

    Further, the year of dealing with the 600 has given them the ability to work out the bugs and they have at least addressed the QC issues by switching the manufaturer to a company that is known for high quality work.

    Last, but not least, my use of the device has changed somewhat. When I got the 300, I was most in need of a PDA with phone functions. I handled all of my own apointments, contacts and the like and, since i was on the road a lot, it was my primary way of answering emails.

    Now that I am back in one place and have a permenant secretary and office manager, what I need is more of a phone that also has PDA functions. Thus the change in form is a good one for me now.

    So goodbye all. Its been fun, I really enjoyed this forum (at least back when it was very active, LOL) and hope everyone is happy with whatever device they have!
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    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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    You hit upon my biggest criticisms of the Treo 600 and why I opted out of the upgrade offer. Later, I opted out of the Treo platform altogether when I got my Zodiac and a Bluetooth Sprint Sony-Ericsson T608 to pair with it.

    I'd still prefer a wider thumbboard (which would necessitate a clamshell design along the lines of the Motorola A630), but I miss having the all-in-one aspect as I can't keep Bluetooth turned on all the time (due to battery drain issues) and so I miss out on the ability to be always connected. Unlike you, I really do want a camera and I don't care about the VGA res, but I do wish the picture quality was better than what I'm seeing. I guess it's supposedly an improvement over the Treo 600's, though, so I'll take what I can get.

    My next question will be "when." I'd love to make out on that roadshow offer and I signed up for the Boston show, but I don't know if I'll be able to make it. Mathematically it wouldn't make much sense, either, as I'd pretty much have to take the day off from work and my earnings from one day's worth of work (I'm an hourly contractor) would more than make up for the cost savings of the roadshow offer. I'm not sure that I can stand to wait for Amazon to start selling these at a nice discount, though, so I'll probably end up overpaying for the luxury of being an early adopter.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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