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    I have a plea to developers to make life easy for us when we all buy 650s

    Can you write your utilities in such a way that they are hardware specific? By that I mean, when I upgrade to a 650 utilities that get in deep on the radio like Butler or TreoTweak will deactivate when they arrive on the new hardware. There is no way these apps are going to work just as they are on the new software ROM and if only parts of the app work, that spells big trouble. Hence I suggest that developers of utilities do us all a favor and make the upgrade path clean. No one wants their Treo 650 to start looping and acting wacky at the first HotSync to restore your data.

    State exactly which ROMs on a Treo model that you support - a Treo 600 from Sprint is a very different animal then a Treo 600 GSM model. You need to QA against each version to make us buy your wares and keep us happy. Right now there are the old ROMs for Sprint, Orange, and ROW. Then there are the new ROMs for Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, ATT, Bell Mobility, GSM generic and perhaps others I dont know of.

    Palm1 leaves lots of scope for tweaking on their wireless software but like in the old days of Palm OS and HackMaster, you have to be careful what you use with what - one hack might be happy on its own but pair it with something else that takes up all the heap memory and boom - you crash. Some of the tweaking apps are trying to do the same thing at the same time. I suggest developers check for other apps that they may conflict with. You could probably check out other apps that call the same API calls? Just an idea.
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    I'm sure ALL the developers will very quickly comply with your request as soon as you personally buy them all new Treo 650's to do their testing on!! In all seriousness, this is not very easy for them to implement ahead of time, and they are all too busy debugging and updating their apps for the 600 as it is.

    Besides, any WISE person would tell you to start CLEAN with a new palm, and reinstall each app individually (simply doing a hotsync to transfer all info to a different device is asking for disaster)
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    Speaking for Butler - It does check for the treo600, and will refuse to run on anything else. As soon as I get a 650, I'll make it work for that!

    From what I know, the handspring APIs remain intact - so there shouldn't be any problem.

    As to your second request - I could test on each rom in the simulator, but there would be two problems.
    1) The ROMs don't actually work the same as the device (e.g. it's not possible to do phone calls, or press & hold keys). There is no way I can test on actual devices with each ROM.
    2) It would take forever. If I spend all my time testing, you wouldn't be getting new features.
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