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    am i hearing things correctly? i can order a T600 for $249 just for going to the road show and sitting through the presentation? no strings attached, no up front money? this includes any version of the T600- including verizon? (don't ask- i get a 20% discount on monthly plans).

    sounds too good to be true!

    thanks for helping out the new guy.
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    if you had gone to the 1st roadshow it would of been $200.

    But now it is $250.
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    And that hasn't worked out too well. I went to the show and placed an order but the fullfillment people whom Palm hired don't have any units and they tell me that they have no idea when Palm will send them out. It's really poor marketing and makes me question Palm's commitment to its customers.

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    would HAVE been

    (gawd, that drives me crazy when people say "would of" because it makes no sense)
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    " ...because it does not make any sense..."
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    hmmmm. was that a verizon 600 you ordered? i placed my order last night and haven't heard anything other than the e-mail confirming order receipt.

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