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    I checked the P1 website and TC threads. Does anyone know if there is a video player on the T650 that will allow you to play movies loaded on your memory card? With the new screen capability it would be great to watch movies while traveling (for instance). I know the PDA2k has windows multimedia player standard. This might be my dealbreaker.
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    There is Pcoket DVD software, played using MM player
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    According to this comparison grid,
    video playback is supported on the 650 via QuickTime. If you go to the QuickTime site, you can read about the new 3G video standards (3GPP, 3GPP2) and how QuickTime helps you produce and playback content in these formats. What I did not find is if there will be a Palm QuickTime player available, and if it would play back other formats.
    Sprint has certified Apple’s Xserve and QuickTime Streaming Server as an approved content creation and delivery platform for their Sprint PCS Vision(SM) Multimedia Service. Sprint content providers can now use Apple hardware and software products to deliver multimedia content to Sprint PCS vision multimedia subscribers.

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