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    While everyone complains/applauds about missing/new features.

    I need to know if the criminally weak vibrate mode on the 600 has been improved for the 650?

    Can anyone who has actually handled the phone opine on this?

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    Come on guys!! Has anyone not tested the 650's vibrate mode?!! I am really sick of missing calls with my 600 because the vibrate mode is so weak. P1 are idiots if they overlooked this....
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    wow. i still have my treo300 and the vibrate is louder than some of the ringtones! and heaven forbid it's on a table, it vibrates itself right onto the floor...
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    I think palmOne should hook up with Taser-that should take care of it.
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    I tested it in SF and unfortunately it feels the same to me. I am with you, I hate the soft vibration from the T600. Have missed many calls in the car while the music is going.

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