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    Quote Originally Posted by ratenterm
    I found this in another thread. Have tried Companionlink for 5 days now. No crashes, 2 way sync works, uses OEM calander, phone. No problems. Will pay at the end of 14 day trial.

    crp was acurate about Companionlink. Works well with ACT.

    I am able to sync DIRECTLY with Act. Their website says it is compatable with Act 2005. So far a huge life saver. I might push it to the next level and see if it works with Agendus and the 650. Agendus may have some nice options not available in OEM.
    CL and Agendus help the situation, but beware some pitfalls:

    Agendus doesn't always interpret an activity as belonging to the right would appear that it doesn't bother to look at the "Link:" field, it just looks at the name. Test it by creating two Mike Jones entries and create two different activities for them. All links will revert to the one that comes first. Reported to Agendus...ignored me.

    I have never been able to create activities in Agendus that translate right to Act. You can clear activities OK but setting follow-ups can be a pain. I just add notes to the original activity and reschedule it instead.

    CL has some problems that may or may not bother you depending on your data. Phone field mapping and multiple address mapping is flat-out buggy...don't try to map address fields to anything other than "Work" it simply won't work. Don't try to map phone to "Main" it will create duplicates.

    You will need to restore your Act! data from backup more often than you want. Failure to do this will result in duplicate activities and contacts. Watch your hotsync progress. After you get a feel for how long it takes, watch for disk thrashing while "reading Act data" and when it happens stop the sync. It is busy duping your stuff. Of course, if you only sync from PIM to Palm you don't need to worry about this.

    BTW, CL tech support is very nice, responsive and helpful. They will try and try and try as long as you are willing to keep responding to their responses...having said that, they have been unable to fix the data mapping problem for me.
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    I use ACT at work and home (14,000 contacts at work, 1,800 at home). I hope that any new version of AFP will allow use of SD cards in order to manage large data bases (Treo 600 handles 1,800 fine in RAM). I can't recommend my company upgrade ACT until they have an updated AFP product (even though it's a complete overhaul). AFP is good, but it needs much work going forward.
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    This Act to go sounds great, but for me the whole purpose is two way sync so that I can make notes and appointments andother changes and have it sync when I get back into the office.
    Act 6.0 and Act for palm work great on my Treo 600. With only a few problems. If you are interested, I would be willing to pay for an addon program.

    I would like an icon in act next to the telephony telephone that inserts the email address directly into snapper or SMS to create a new email/text message.

    I would also like full 5 way functions within Act for Palm. (TreoTweak helps alot but not all the way)

    Thirdly and lastly on my reasonable request list is caller id with Company with or instead of to the present Palm ID.

    I personally like operating with the Palm Calander, and contact for my personal life and Act for Palm calander, tasks, and contacts for my business life. If only they would work with snapper and caller ID.


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