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    This is not about connection speed, but the time it takes Blazer to launch. I am on my second T600 this one came from PalmOne on a trade in of a Handspring T600 that had GSM/GPRS problems.

    Over the last week or 10 days Blazer will launch, but I get a full white screen and a delay of perhaps 2-3 seconds from when I select the program until the bookmark screen appears. Anyone else experienced this? I have cleared the memory of stored pages and set the size limit to .5mb with no noticable effect.

    Am I on my way to my third T600?
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    Try deleting your web cookies file. You need to use FileZ or another file utility. I' and others here have had the same issue.
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    Nicely Done. I used the Blazer Preferences-Memory Managment-Advanced route and deleted Web Cookies, and it worked. Thanks
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    Thanks from me also, I noticed mine has been doing the same for about a week.

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