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    Anyone here having much success subscribing to and sync'ing podcasts to their Treo? (For those that don't know, podcasts are independant audio productions syndicated through RSS much like blog articles - check out - it's not just for iPods).

    I am using Ipodder, and it seems to get the files well enough. But I am manually copying them to my Treo every morning. I was hoping that there was some application out there to sync - like Audible does, and like the Mac iPod does.

    There is some really great content being sent out - there is even one cast being produced only using a Treo 600.
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    What Podcasts do you listen to? I got an engadget podcast today, and love it. I'm interested in expanding my library.
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    Go here: I think it will automate much of the process.
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    I subscribe to a bunch using Doppler: is interesting - people submit their casts via email... is sometimes informative

    there are a lot of them out there, and the list keeps growing everyday. that's why is kind of cool because they usually send a copy there as well... so you can pick up a bunch

    The new version of Doppler is supposed to create playlists in Microsoft Media. I have created a custom playlist there that is supposed to only show me the new stuff... did not work very well with iPodder, so we'll see.
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    Cool. I'm still feeling my way through all this stuff. My goal is to get a few podcasts and a few recorded shows from ReplayRadio.
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    I love Replay Radio. It's great not only for capturing streaming radio but also sounds in general played from web sites etc. Don't know if you are a Sean Hannity fan or not, but if you are catch his stream at It's the only stream I have found so far that plays dead air between segments (rather than music or commercials) so if you set RR to kill dead air after x seconds, you get nothing but show.
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    I presently have RR to record overnight NPR streams from their 24 hour channel. I will have to see how it works tomorrow.

    Jeez, between RR, podcasting, and BeyondTV ( I think I have realized the convergence dream!! Woohoo!
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    I have tried to download the MP3 directly to my Treo but it just causes a reset

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