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    I used CardExport 2 to read the card. I then dragged a few songs over to various folders on the card and Ptunes didn't see any of them. Am I doing something wrong?
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    I believe pTunes looks in the "Audio" directory (and all of its sub-directories)
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    Which one is the Audio directory? I put a song in every folder and still no good.
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    Using "FileZ" (check for the download) on the Treo, you will see that the root directory on the card has the following subdirectories:


    and maybe others based on your usage. For example, I have a MIDI directory for exports from NotePad music notation software.
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    BTW, what file types are you using? And, what version of pTunes do you have? The basic (free) version does not support all types. May be limited to mp3.
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    Ok after downloading Ptunes and WMP 10 again. I can get WMP to sync with Ptunes. After I did that I did notice a new folder called "Audio" with songs in it that I just sync'd with. BUT, Ptunes still doesn't see it.

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